Engineer's scriber

  • Pins are manufactured from​ high-quality steel with hardened points
  • Useful for scribing lines and marking points on metal, wood, plastic, ceramic and glass surfaces for reference during various operations.
Engineer's scriber Description length Action
mm SAE
ES-2 Double ended scriber with knurled body 190 7-1/2"
ES-3 Knurled aluminium scriber with three points; one straight 75mm and two bent with 75mm and 150mm length respectively 190 & 300 7-1/2" & 12"
ES-1 Single point machinist's scriber 112 4-1/2"
ES-K Knife edge scriber and other pointed sharp end 225 9"
ES-2H Double ended knurled scriber heavy duty 250 10"
ES-T Twisted body scriber with both ends pointed 165 6-1/2"
ES-1R Single point pocket scriber with replaceable point 175 7"
ES-1H Single point heavy duty knurled scriber 175 7"
ES-PM Replaceable point pen scriber cum mangentic pick up tool 112 4-1/2"