Reversible Pin Plug Gauges

  • Manufactured from high quality alloy steel
  • Heat treated and hardened to 58-60 HRC for optimal durability
  • Smooth and firm clamping of pins in collets for easy and accurate measurements.
  • Reversible type pins double the life of the tool.
  • Used for checking bores, center distances , groove dimensions  and inspection of micrometer and other insruments
  • Also available as loose pins and pins with knob handles
  • Provided with calibration certificates traceable to National standards on request.
Reversible Pin Plug Gauges


Bearing Steel


ASME B89.1.5

Using a reversible pin plug gauge

Reversible pin gauges are precision ground steel shafts with a diametrical tolerance of as low as 0.0005mm. They are available as loose pins, pins with knobs or as sets of Go and No-Go.

Go and No-Go pin gauges are used to limit the diametrical tolerance of a bore under inspection. The Go (green​) pin should slide into the bore whereas the No-Go (red) pin should not. The pins are mounted onto the aluminium body using clamps present on each side. If the inspection edge of the pin begins to wear down simply reverse the pin such that it's previously clamped edge now faces outside and the inspection edge is enveloped by the clamp fingers, thus providing double the life.

Classes and tolerances

  • Class ZZ Gauge: They have a tolerance of 0.0002" or 0.005mm
  • Class Z Gauge: They have a tolerance of 0.0001" or 0.0025mm 
  • Class X Gauge: They have a tolerance of 0.00004" or 0.001mm
  • Class XX Gauge: They have a tolerance of 0.00002" or 0.0005mm 


Pin gauges have a wide variety of applications:

  • Inspecting dimensions and straightness of bores and grooves.
  • Adjusting of dial gauges
  • Measurement of centre to centre distances
  • As dovetail guides
  • Measurement of depth of profiles and angles

C.No Range Tolerance action
    inch mm  
PINGZZ 0.5 mm  to 20 mm 0.0002 0.005
PINGZ 0.5 mm  to 20 mm 0.0001 0.0025
PINGX 0.5 mm  to 20 mm 0.00004 0.001
PINGXX 0.5 mm  to 20 mm 0.00002 0.0005