Multi Use Rule and Gauge

Multiple D'Usage Regle et Jauge /MĂșltiples uso Regla e Calibrador /Mehrfache Gebrauch Regel und Lehre

  • A multi-use tool manufactured from stainless steel with 4" (100 mm) rule etched with graduations of 64ths and millimetres
  • Pocket-sized 5 - in - 1 tool consists of:
    • A drill point gauge for checking 59-degree angle drill point
    • A protractor for measuring and laying out angles
    • A centre finder for locating centres on shafts and circles
    • A circle divider for dividing circles into sectors, polygons and polygrams 
    • Tap and drill table shows popular tap sizes and corresponding drill sizes for American national threads
Multi Use Rule and Gauge
Multi Use Rule and Gauge

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