Centre Finder Square

  • The knife-edge is made of spring steel and is hardened and ground for extended life.
  • The body is firmly attached to the knife-edge through rivets.
  • An extremely useful tool for machinist on the lathe or the toolmaker on the bench for locating centres of round parts quickly and easily
  • The set includes 1-1/2" & 3" centre finder square and a pocket scriber 


Centre Finder Square


Using a Centre finder square

A centre square is used to locate the centre of round objects with ease and accuracy. It consists of a body and a knife-edge clamped together by means of rivets. The body is in the shape of a "V" and is used to hold the object in position whereas the knife-edge indicates the axis passing through the centre of the object. The intersection of two such axes provides the centre point of the component.

C.no Diameter Action
inch mm
CFS-1Q2 1-1/2 38
CFS-3I 3 75
CFS-S 2pc set of above 2 squares
CFS-S1 3pc set of above 2 squares and a pocket carbide scriber