Emery Wheel Dresser and Cutter

  • Body is constructed of cast iron with powder coated finish.
  • Spare cutter are manufactured from alloy steel duly hardened and tempered.
  • Used for dressing, deglazing, truing and sharpening abrasive wheels.
  • Saves time and efforts during grinding operations.
Emery Wheel Dresser and Cutter

Dressing a wheel using Emery Wheel Dressers

Emery wheel dressers are manufactured by casting steel and are mounted with a set of star shaped cutters and washers. They are used for removing clogged particles of the ground material and blunt grains from the abrasive wheel. This exposes a fresh layer of sharp grains for faster and effective grinding operations. The dressers can be further used for truing the wheel with it's axis. The head of the dresser is provided with a pair of legs for support against the tool rest of the grinding machine. The cutters are pushed into the rotating wheel, and then moved from side to side.

C.no Size Cutter Diametre action
Inch mm
EWD-0 0 1-1/4 32
EWD-1 1 1-1/2 38
EWD-2 2 2-3/8 60
EWD-C0 Spare cutter for No. 0 dresser 1-1/4 32
EWD-C1 Spare cutter for No. 1 dresser 1-1/2 38
EWD-C2 Spare cutter for No. 2 dresser 2-3/8 60