Quick Change Tapping Chucks

  • Manufactured from Case hardening steel.
  • Facilitates rapid mounting and dismounting of taps using corresponding adaptors.
  • Automatically compensates length to accomodate the difference between the spindle feed and the pitch of the tap.
  • Duly tempered and hardened to 58±2 HRC.
  • Available Shank types:
    • MAS 403 BT (JIS 6339)
      • Standard
      • Dual Contact
    • SK (DIN 69871)
Quick Change Tapping Chucks
Quick Change Tapping Chucks


Case Hardening Steel

JIS:6339, DIN:69871 DIN:2080

Why use a Quick Change Tapping Chuck?

Quick Change Tapping chucks assists in threading of the workpiece by reducing tap breakage and thread wear caused when the tap exits the work, increasing its durability. The chuck is capable of axial expansion or compression using ball guides to accommodate any length variations arising due to the difference in the spindle feed and the tap pitch. A large range of tool shank/square sizes can be clamped onto the tapping chuck using the appropriate tapping adaptor. The adaptors can be further clamped onto or removed from the chuck easily and rapidly thus decreasing the machine downtime and increasing the productivity. WES Adaptors include safety torque mechanism which prevents the transfer of any excessive torque to the tap.


  • To mount the adaptor simply push it into the seat built in the tapping chuck.
  • To remove the adaptor, push the chuck's sleeve inwards (compress) while pulling the adaptor out.


  • To mount the tap, push the tap into the adaptor.
  • To dismount the tap, push the adaptors sleeve inwards while pulling the tap out.





Suitable Adaptor



CA-TAP-BT30W1 BT 30 64±7.5 WE1/WES1B (19mm)
CA-TAP-BT40W1 BT 40 68±7.5 WE1/WES1B (19mm)
CA-TAP-BT40W2 BT 40 95±12.5 WE2/WES2B (31mm)
CA-TAP-BT50W1 BT 50 78±7.5 WE1/WES1B (19mm)
CA-TAP-BT50W2 BT 50 103±12.5 WE2/WES2B (31mm)


CA-TAP-SK30W1 SK 30 64±7.5 WE1/WES1B (19mm)
CA-TAP-SK40W1 SK 40 60±7.5 WE1/WES1B (19mm)
CA-TAP-SK40W2 SK 40 98±12.5 WE2/WES2B (31mm)
CA-TAP-SK50W1 SK 50 60±7.5 WE1/WES1B (19mm)
CA-TAP-SK50W2 SK 50 84±12.5 WE2/WES2B (31mm)