T-Tap Wrench Solid Jaws

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  • Manufactured from fine quality steel with hardened and tempered jaws.
  • Designed to hold taps, reamers and other square shanked tools in confined spaces where adjustable tap wrenches cannot be used.
  • Sliding T-bar for large gripping surface and maneuverability in tight spaces.
T-Tap Wrench Solid Jaws

Using a T handle tap wrench

T-tap wrenches are used to clamp taps, reamers and other tools with square shanks for operating on components with confined spaces inaccessible to the straight wrenches. The wrench holds the tool in between the self centering jaws grooved into it's body. The jaws can be tightened (closed) or loosened (opened) by means of a cap screwed onto it. The knurled cap allows firm gripping for fine adjustment of the jaws. Each wrench is capable of holding a range of square sizes and is provided with a sliding bar for easy maneuverability in compact spaces and against sleeves and collars.

C.no Tap Capacity(inch) OAL(mm) Action
TW-SJ-0316I 1/16-3/16 60
TW-SJ-Q 5/32-1/4 70
TW-SJ-0516I 3/16-5/16 80
TW-SJ-Q2 1/4-1/2 88
TW-SJ-S 4pc set of TW-SJ-0316I, TW-SJ-Q, TW-SJ-0516I, TW-SJ-Q2