Quick Change Tool Post

  • Manufactured from hardened alloy steel
  • Precision ground T-slots for smooth and rapid replacement of holders from the main block.
  • Top screw provides fine height adjustment of the clamped tool.
  • Set contains:
    • 1 x Mounting Block
    • 2 x Standard Holders
    • 1 x Parting Holder
    • 1 x Boring Holder
    • 1 x Tube Spanner
  • Parting bits can be provided on request
Quick Change Tool Post

Using a quick change toolpost

A quick change toolpost allows rapid mounting and dismounting of tools onto the lathe cutting down the idle time of the machine and increasing the productivity. It can further help to maintain the tool's position when mounted again. The two major components of the toolpost are the block and the holders. The toolpost is attached to the lathe by means of the central bore in the main block. The T-Slot milled at the back of the holder slides onto the clamp on the block. The clamp bolt is then rotated by means of a tubular wrench in order to grip the clamp disk between the bolt's groove. Once the holder is engaged, its height can be adjusted by rotating the clamp nut. Similarly, to remove the holder simply rotate the bolt until it disengages from the clamp disk. Once free, the holder can be slid off the post for the change of tool. 

Types of holders

Several different holders are available depending upon their usage and clamping capabilities. Square shank tools can be mounted onto the standard holder while round shank tools are held by V-groove holders. Similarly, parting bits or blades are mounted onto the parting tool holder. Morse Taper holders and boring bar holders are also available.

C.no Block Height Mounting bore Lathe Center Height Action
QCTP-37M 60x60mm 37mm 7/16" (11.2mm) upto 89mm
QCTP-51M 75x75 51mm 19mm upto 114mm
QCTP-63M 75x75 63mm 19mm 114 - 127mm