Keyless Drill Chuck

  • Allows easy and rapid mounting / unmounting of drills manually or with a hook spanner.
  • Can be provided with Titanium jaws for increased resistance to wear.
  • Runout at 25mm from the chuck:
    • Standard type (S) 0.15mm
    • Precision type (P) 0.05mm
Keyless Drill Chuck

0.05 mm

What is a keyless drill chuck?

Keyless drill chucks are used for rigid clamping of drill bits between their self-centring jaws. One major advantage of these chucks over their traditional counterparts is that they do not require a key for operating the jaws. The jaws can be hand tightened or loosened easily. This further eliminates the issue of broken gear teeth that a keyed chuck may face over time and usage. 

The chuck is provided with a precision ground female Jacob taper that sits on a matching tapered arbor or spindle. Keyless drill chucks are manufactured for right-handed operations only. During the operation, the rotating drill bit tends to push the chuck upwards into the spindle thus producing a firm binding action between the two parts.

KDC-S-6M 0-6 mm JT-1 (1/4")
KDC-S-8M 0-8 mm JT-1 (1/4")
KDC-S-10M 1-10 mm JT-2 (3/8")
KDC-S-13M 1-13 mm JT-6 (1/2")
KDC-P-13M 1-13 mm JT-6 (1/2")
KDC-S-16M 1-16 mm JT-6 (1/2")
KDC-S-20M 5-20 mm JT-3 (3/4")