HSK Shrink Fit Adapters

  • Conforming to DIN 69893
  • Manufactured from High density steel
  • Duly tempered and hardened to 52+2 HRC
  • Provides superior clamping force and concentricity
  • Available in forms A,B,C,E,F
  • Balancing:
    • Standard G6.3@20000 RPM
    • G2.5@25000 RPM on request
  • Dual contact provides higher radial and axial stiffness and accuracy
  • Suitable for high speed applications
HSK Shrink Fit Adapters
HSK Shrink Fit Adapters



High Density Steel

DIN 69893

0.003 mm

Working of a Shrink Fit Adaptor


A Shrink Fit holder utilizes the thermal properties of the metal in order to form a tight grip over the tool.

  • The bore of the adaptor is made nominally smaller than the shank of the tool that needs to be clamped.
  • When exposed to sufficient heat the bore expands thus enabling it to now accomodate the slightly larger tool shank.
  • As the heat dissipiates the holder compresses around the shank exerting high clamping forces.

Akros Shrink fit holders offer concentricity within 3 Microns while the rigid and uniform clamping prevents the tool from slipping.




CA-SLA-HA50L80 A50 80 6,8
CA-SLA-HA50L85 A50 85 10
CA-SLA-HA50L90 A50 90 12,14
CA-DLA-HA50L95 A50 95 16,18
CA-DLA-HA50L100 A50 100 20
CA-SLA-HA63L80 A63 65 6,8
CA-SLA-HA63L85 A63 80 10
CA-SLA-HA63L90 A63 110 12,14
CA-SLA-HA63L95 A63 120 16,18
CA-SLA-HA63L100 A63 160 20
CA-DLA-HA63L115 A63 110 25
CA-SLA-HA100L120 A100 120 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,25,32