Fly Tool Cutter holder

  • Manufactured from high quality Carbon steel.
  • Used for sweeping the tool bit in a circle over a large surface.
  • The set consists of 3 fly cutters.
  • Grub screws hold the bit in place during milling operations.
  • Rust preventive black oxide finish.
  • Suitable toolbit can be provided on request.
Fly Tool Cutter holder

Using a fly cutter holder

A Fly cutter holder is used to clamp single point square shanked cutting bits at an angle by means of two or more grub screws. It is generally used with milling machines for the purpose of face milling. When rotated through the machine's spindle, it is capable of sweeping the fly tool over larger surface areas with minimum protrusion in a single pass. This allows for smoother finish cuts and firm gripping of the tool in the holder. The body of the holder is counterbalanced to ensure stable operations and accurate end products. Fly tool cutters are also useful for boring through holes or to shoulders. Head Diameter Shank Size Tool Bit Size Action
Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm
FCH-19M 3/4 19 1/2 12.7 3/16 4.5
FCH-28M 1-1/8 28 1/2 12.7 1/4 6
FCH-38M 1-1/2 38 1/2 12.7 5/16 8
FCH-1Q2 1-1/2 38 3/4 19 5/16 8
FCH-2I 2 50.8 3/4 19 5/16 8
FCH-2Q2 2-1/2 63.5 3/4 19 5/16 8
FCH-S1 3pc set of FCH-19M, FCH-28M and FCH-38M
FCH-S2 3pc set of FCH-1Q2, FCH-2I and FCH-2Q2