Drill sleeve / Reduction sleeve

Douilles de réduction /Casquillos reductores cono Morse /Reduzierehülse

  • Conforming to IS:6702-1972
  • Drill sleeves are used to adapt smaller mt shank tool to large machine spindles
  • A grade: 
    • ​Manufactured from Case hardening steel
    • Duly hardened and ground internally and externally to 55-58 HRC
    • Concentricity within 0.015mm
  • Work shop grade:
    • Manufactured from Carbon steel 
    • Externally ground with Reamed internal finish
Drill sleeve / Reduction sleeve


Case Hardening Steel

IS:6702-1972, DIN:2185-1972


What is a Morse Taper?

A morse taper is a form of a shallow taper which is self-locking in nature and is thus used to interlock two components having complementary tapers. Once the male taper is pushed into the female cone the wedging action of the angle and the frictional forces hold the two pieces together.  Many engineering tools including drill sleeves, extension socketsarbors and revolving centres utilize the concept of morse tapers to mount them on machine spindles, tailstocks or other components. 

Drill sleeves applications

Drill sleeves are also known as reduction sleeves and are used to mount components having smaller tapered shanks to larger tapered machine spindles. The sleeve consists of a male taper and a female taper both precision ground (A-grade) to ensure a close fit and a firm clamp. The male taper is larger in size and is clamped into the spindle's female taper whereas the smaller female taper of the sleeve envelopes around the component's tapered shank.

Dismounting the components



The drill sleeves are provided with a slot on their bodies and a tang on the ends of their male taper. In order to detach the components:

  • Insert a drill drift into the slot such that it's sloping edge is in contact with the top edge of the component inside the sleeve.
  • Tap the end of the drift with a hammer.
  • As the drift enters further into the slot, the inserted component gets pushed out of the sleeve.

C.No MORSE TAPER  OAL (mm) action
DSH-MT12 1-2 92
DSH-MT13 1-3 99
DSH-MT14 1-4 124
DSH-MT15 1-5 171
DSH-MT23 2-3 121
DSH-MT24 2-4 124
DSH-MT25 2-5 156
DSH-MT34 3-4 140
DSH-MT35 3-5 156
DSH-MT45 4-5 171
DSH-MT46 4-6 218
DSH-MT56 5-6 218
DSH-MT26 2-6 218
DSH-MT36 3-6 218
C.No MORSE TAPER OAL (mm) action
DS-MT12 1-2 92


1-3 99
DS-MT14 1-4 124
DS-MT15 1-5 171
DS-MT23 2-3 121
DS-MT24 2-4 124
DS-MT25 2-5 156
DS-MT34 3-4 140
DS-MT35 3-5 156
DS-MT45 4-5 171
DS-MT46 4-6 218
DS-MT56 5-6 218
DS-MT26 2-6 218
DS-MT36 3-6 218