Ejecting Drill Drift

  • Manufactured from Carbon Steel
  • Used to remove tapered shank tools from slotted sleeves and sockets
  • Stamped sizes for easy indentification
Ejecting Drill Drift

What is a drill drift?

A drill drift is a wedge-shaped tool used for knocking loose male tapered shanks from slotted sleeves and sockets.

  • The drill drift is inserted into the slot of the sleeve with its sloping edge in contact with the inserted component's top edge.
  • The drift is then tapped with a hammer.
  • As the drift enters further into the slot, the inserted component gets pushed out of the sleeve.

C.no Drift No. Suitable for following morse tapers action
EDD-1 1 1
EDD-2 2 2
EDD-3 3 3
EDD-4 4 4,5,6
EDD 4pc set of EDD1, EDD2, EDD3, EDD4