Round Die Stock Handle / Die Holder

Porte - filières /Porta Terrajas /Schneideisenhalter

  • Used for holding round dies for external threading operations.
  • Knurled handle ends for firm gripping
  • Three blunt screws for holding the die firmly and one pointed screw for adjustment
  • Available types:
    • Single body construction
    • Casted body with Chrome plated spindles
Round Die Stock Handle / Die Holder


Round die stock holders are used to clamp threading dies in order to cut screw threads on the external surface of cylindrical shafts. A single die handle can accommodate a variety of dies having different thread profiles but the same diameter. The holder is provided with three side screws and a middle screw. The side screws sit in the die's recesses and ensure that the die sits firmly in the holder, whereas the middle screw sits in the die's slit and expands the die when tightened. Knurled spindle ends provide better gripping of the holder during operations.


Threading a shaft using a die



The shaft to be threaded is bevelled to facilitate easy entry of the die. The rod is clamped in between the jaws of the vice while the die is mounted onto the die stock holder. The die is held firlmy by means of adjustment screws pushing against it's recesses. Once everything is in order rotate the die onto the shaft. It is a good practise to rotate the die a quarter turn back after every half a turn onto the material. This prevents the die from clogging by breaking and removing the chips thus ensuring cleaner threads and longer die life. 

C.No Outside diameter of die(inch) OAL(inch) action
RDH-0580I 5/8 5-1/2
RDH-1316I 13/16 6-1/2
RDH-1I 1 8-1/2
RDH-1Q 1-5/16 10
RDH-1Q2 1-1/2 12
RDH-2I 2 15
RDH-2Q2 2-1/2 19
RDH-3I 3 22
RDH-3Q2 3-1/2 24
RDH-4I 4 29
RDH-5I 5 33
RDH-S1 3pc set of 1", 1-5/16" and 1-1/2"
RDH-S2 4pc set of 13/16", 1", 1-1/2" and 2"