Collet Adaptors

  • Manufactured from Case hardening steel
  • Duly tempered and hardened to 58±2 HRC
  • Available in types AD & AD/B
  • Balancing:
    • Standard G6.3@15000 RPM
    • G2.5@25000 RPM on request
  • Available Shank types
    • MAS 403 BT (JIS 6339)
      • Standard
      • Dual Contact
    • ISO (DIN 2080)
    • CAT (ASME B5.50)
    • SK (DIN 69871)
Collet Adaptors
Collet Adaptors



Case Hardening Steel

JIS:6339, DIN:69871 DIN:2080

0.005 mm

Collet Adaptors

Collet adaptors transfer the motion of the machine spindle to the cutting tool. The adaptor and the spindle are held together by a matching taper and a pull stud, thus rotating as a single unit. A collet is mounted onto the adaptor and locked in place using a collet nut. The collet adaptor is capable of accomodating a wide range of collets allowing for the use of a single adaptor across several tool sizes.

Dual Contact Holders

Dual Contact Holder eliminates the gap between the flange and the machine spindle thus resulting in two contact surfaces; the taper and the flange.The resulting setup offers higher rigidty both radially and axially thus boosting it's stability. The vibrations are reduced and the tool life increases.Higher bending stiffnes allows for higher machining speeds and accessibility to extended lengths without compromising the finish quality and the tool life.





CA-ER-BT30L33S BT 30 33 ER-32
CA-ER-BT30L70 BT 30 70 ER-16,20,25,32
CA-ER-BT40L40S BT 30 40 ER-32
CA-ER-BT40L45S BT 30 45 ER-40
CA-ER-BT40L70 BT 40 70 ER-11,16,20,25,32,40
CA-ER-BT40L100 BT 40 100 ER-16,20,25,32,40,50
CA-ER-BT40L160 BT 40 160 ER-16,20,25,32
CA-ER-BT40L200 BT 40 200 ER-16,25,32,40
CA-ER-BT40L70M BT 40 70 ER-11,16,20,25 (Mini)
CA-ER-BT50L80 BT 50 80 ER-16,20,25,32,40
CA-ER-BT50L100 BT 50 100 ER-16,25,32,40
CA-ER-BT50L160 BT 50 160 ER-16,25,32,40
CA-ER-ISO50L200 BT 50 200 ER-16,25,32,40


CA-ER-ISO30L50 ISO 30 50 ER-25
CA-ER-ISO30L70 ISO 30 70 ER-32
CA-ER-ISO40L50 ISO 40 50 ER-25
CA-ER-ISO40L70 ISO 40 70 ER-32,40
CA-ER-IS050L80 ISO 50 80 ER-32,40


CA-ER-SK40L25S SK 40 25 ER-32
CA-ER-SK40L60 SK 40 60 ER-25
CA-ER-SK40L63 SK 40 63 ER-16
CA-ER-SK40L70 SK 40 70 ER-32
CA-ER-SK40L80 SK 40 80 ER-40
CA-ER-SK40L100 SK 40 100 ER-16,25,32,40
CA-ER-SK40L160 SK 40 160 ER-16,25,32
CA-ER-SK50L26S SK 50 26 ER-40
CA-ER-SK50L70 SK 50 70 ER-25,32
CA-ER-SK50L80 SK 50 80 ER-40
CA-ER-SK50L100 SK 50 100 ER-16,25,32,40
CA-ER-SK50L160 SK 50 160 ER-16,25,32



CA-E-01 ISO-30 M-12 E-32
CA-E-02 ISO-30 M-12 E-40
CA-E-03 ISO-40 M-16 E-32
CA-E-04 ISO-40 M-16 E-40
CA-E-05 ISO-40 M-16 E-45
CA-E-06 ISO-50 M-24 E-40
CA-E-07 ISO-50 M-24 E-45
CA-E-08 MITR/R8 M-12x1.5 E-32
CA-E-09 MITR/R8 M-12x1.5 E-40
CA-E-10 MT-2 M-10(drawbolt type) E-40
CA-E-11 MT-3 M-12(drawbolt type) E-40
CA-E-12 MT-4 M-16(drawbolt type) E-40
CA-E-13 MT-5 M-20(drawbolt type) E-40
CA-E-14 MT-5 M-20(drawbolt type) E-45
CA-E-15 MT-3 tang type with coller slot E-40
CA-E-16 MT-4 tang type with coller slot E-40
CA-E-17 MT-5 tang type with coller slot E-40
CA-E-18 MT-5 tang type with coller slot E-45