CNC Centre with Interchangeable Point

  • Enables easy changing of point inserts for rapid multiple operations.
  • Can withstand high RPM at high loads
  • Suitable for high speed turning centres.
  • Tip runout within 0.015mm ; Lower runout on request
  • Sealed arrangement prevents coolant and metal chips from entering and damaging the bearing assembly.Higher speed centres available on request
  • Profile and extended points available on request.
CNC Centre with Interchangeable Point
CNC Centre with Interchangeable Point


Case Hardening Steel


Using an interchangeable point revolving centre

Interchangeable point revolving centres are typically used for supporting long workpieces rotating at high speeds (upto 4500 RPM). They are mounted onto the tailstock and prevent the workpiece from leaning due to its own weight or deflecting due to the cutting forces acting upon it. Unlike dead centres they are capable of rotating smoothly along with the work because of their bearing assembly thus reducing the frictional forces and the need for external lubrication. 

The points of this centre can be easily and rapidly replaced with the help of a wedge. The centre has a female taper of 1:10 onto which various points having the same male taper can be mounted depending upon the required application. The whole centre does not need to be dismounted from the lathe between multiple operations thus saving the production time and the alignment of the tool. Further, in case the tip wears down after excessive usage they can be ordered seperately without having to replace the whole centre. Morse Taper

Internal Female taper

Shank Length






CNCRC-IP-MT3 3 1:10 81 16.35 4500
CNCRC-IP-MT4 4 1:10 102.5 18.4 3450
CNCRC-IP-MT5 5 1:10 129.5 24.4 2700


Point Type Morse Taper









3 24 16.35 62
4 28 18.4 74.5
5 34 24.4 91



3 22 16.35 70.5
4 26 18.4 84.5
5 32 24.4 102



3 22 16.35 74
4 26 18.4 91
5 32 24.4 107