Dead Centre (carbide tipped)

Pointes fixes /Puntos Fijos /Feste Körnerspitzen

  • Conforming to IS: 2534-1963.
  • Manufactured from high quality Bearing Steel. 
  • Brazed tungsten carbide tips for higher wear resistance.
  • Tip runout within 0.015mm.
  • Standard angle of point: 60 (75, 90 and other angles can be provided on request).
Dead Centre (carbide tipped)
Dead Centre (carbide tipped)

Carbide Tip


IS:2534-1963, DIN 806-807

What is a dead centre?

Dead centres are used for supporting long workpieces rotating at comparitively lower speeds. They are mounted onto the tailstock and prevent the workpiece from leaning due to its own weight or deflecting due to the cutting forces acting upon it. They are made up of a single rigid unit and have a precision ground taper with a maximum runout of 0.015mm. Dead centres do not rotate along with the workpiece and are thus subjected to higher heat generation due to the development of frictional forces at the contact point and need to be lubricated.


Types of dead centres

Dead centres are available as a single unit of carbon steel or with a brazed carbide tip for higher wear resistance and durability. They are further categorized on the basis of their application:

  • Full Dead Centre: They have a standard 60° tip angle and are used for general purpose machining on lathe.
  • Half Dead Centre: The grooved surface allows the cutting tool to travel further in the vertical direction, closer to the centre of the workpiece in operations like facing.
  • Female dead centres: These centres have an internal bore instead of an extruding point and are used to hold shafts where countersink holes are not permitted.
  • Bull nose dead centres: They are used to hold shafts with large internal bores.

Carbide Full Male type

C.No Morse Taper



Shank Length




DC-M-CT1 1 12.2 53.5 10
DC-M-CT2 2 18 64 14
DC-M-CT3 3 24.1 81 19
DC-M-MT4 4 31.6 102.5 27
DC-M-CT5 5 44.7 129.5 36
DC-M-CT6 6 63.8 182 55
Also available in HM, F, SF, DN, XL & BN models