Adjustable Tap and Reamer Wrench / Tap Handle

Clé à molette et taraud réglable /Grifo ajustable y llave de escariador /Justierbarer Hahn- und Reibahlenschlüssel

  • Used for holding taps, reamers and other square shanked tools
  • Available types:
    • All steel body 
    • Drop forged body
    • Cast iron body 
  • Hardened and tempered jaws for increased wear resistance.
  • Knurled handles for firm grip and stability.
  • Cross hole drilled at the end of the rotating handle for easier tightening using a tommy bar.
Adjustable Tap and Reamer Wrench / Tap Handle

What is an adjustable tap wrench?

An adjustable tap and reamer wrench is used to clamp taps, reamers and other tools with square shanks between its jaws. The long spindles and heavy built of the wrench provide higher support when working with larger tools. One of the jaws remains stationary whereas the other can be moved linearly by rotating the wrench's spindle thus allowing firm clamping of a range of square sizes. The spindles are further provided with knurled ends to prevent slippage during operations. The rotary spindle has a cross hole drilled at its end for easier tightening using a tommy bar.

Threading a bore using a tap

Determine the bore size required for the desired thread using a tap-drill size chart. The length of the bore should be slightly greater than the required length of the thread. 

Once the bore is drilledgrip the tap's square shank between the jaws of the Adjustable tap wrench. For components with confined spaces inaccessible to an adjustable wrench, T-tap wrenches can be used. Make sure that the hole is properly lubricated before beginning the operation.

Align the axis of the tap with that of the bore before it enters into the material. Misaligned taps call for excessive force and not only tampers the component but can also break the tap itself. Once everything is in order rotate the tap into the bore. It is a good practice to rotate the tap a quarter turn back after every half a turn into the material. This prevents the tap from clogging in the bore by breaking and removing the chips thus ensuring cleaner threads and longer tap life. Tap Capacity (inch) OAL (mm) Action
ATR-Q 1/16 - 1/4 170
ATR-0380I 1/16 - 3/8 220
ATR-Q2 5/32 - 1/2 275
ATR-Q3 5/32 - 3/4 350
ATR-1I 5/16 - 1 430
ATR-1Q 3/8 - 1.1/4 545
ATR-1Q2 1/2 - 1.1/2 645