Rotary Barrel Pump

  • Dual Directional operation which allows the pump to both empty as well as refill containers
  • Body is manufactured from sturdy caste iron 
  • Machined caste iron vanes
  • Seals made from Hi Nitrile rubber fits 15 gallons (50l-205l) to 55 gallon
  • USE- Diesel , kerosene heating oil, motor oil(upto SAE 90)
  • When using with low viscosity media like diesel,kerosene etc pump should be primed by adding 30ml of media being pumped or any oil into the pump outlet
Rotary Barrel Pump

C.NO. Size Description  Suction Tube Details STD.PKG  Action
LP01 3/4 STD. Rigid ERW Pipe sunction 6
LP02 3/4 STD. Telescopic pipe Lever action pump used for oil transfer delivers upto 0.45 ltr RPW 4
LP03 1 STD. Rigid ERW Pipe sunction 6
LP04 1 STD.  Telescopic pipe with flexible hose 1 mtr. 4
LP05 1 STD. without flexible hose  Telescopic pipe without flexible hose 4
LP06 1-1/2 STD. Rigid Extra heavy duty 500 cc per rev delivery upto 15-20 ltrs 2