HSS Lathe Turning Tool / Form Tool

  • Set of eight single point cutting tools for multiple cutting operations like turning, facing, grooving, boring, threading and chamfering to achieve the required part features.
  • Heat treated for high wear resistance and durability
  • Retains hardness at high temperatures
  • 8 pieces set supplied with or without wooden box includes:
    • Left hand turning tool
    • Right hand turning tool
    • Straight finishing tool
    • Corner tool
    • Grooving tool
    • Boring tool
    • Threading tool
    • Corner Finishing tool
HSS Lathe Turning Tool / Form Tool

C.no shank size action
HLT-0180I 1/8"
HLT-Q 1/4"
HLT-0516I 5/16"
HLT-0380I 3/8"
HLT-Q2 1/2"
HLT-3M 3mm
HLT-6M 6mm
HLT-8M 8mm
HLT-10M 10mm
HLT-12M 12mm