Adjustable Fine Boring Bar

  • Manufactured from High Tensile Steel to provide better yield strength under heavy working conditions.
  • Adjustable knob provides an overall range of ± 0.1mm over the bore diametre
  • Used for accurate fine cuts and smooth finish.
  • The inserts can be easily and rapidly replaced once worn down thus saving machining time and cost.
  • Properly etched graduations for easy reading
  • Rust preventive Black Oxide Finsh
Adjustable Fine Boring Bar
Adjustable Fine Boring Bar Boring Dia  


Insert Action
BB-AF-6M 6mm uptil 11mm ± 0.1mm TCGT 060104
BB-AF-12M 11.9mm uptil 14mm ± 0.1mm CCGT 060204
BB-AF-14M 14.1mm uptil 45mm ± 0.1mm TCGT 110204